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We offer our esteemed clients a luxury yacht booking service, designed to provide an exceptional maritime experience for travelers seeking relaxation and luxury.

Embark on a journey into the elite world with a distinctive and luxurious cruise that will be a memorable one. You will be on a luxury tourist yacht, fully equipped to give you a time of luxury and privacy that you will never forget along the shores of the Bosphorus Strait or among the enchanting Princes' Islands in Istanbul.

With our luxurious selection of private yachts and our professional tour organizing team, we guarantee you a unique and exceptional experience!

Luxury Yachts Equipped with All Comforts: Our yachts are equipped with the latest fittings and technology to ensure a comfortable and safe navigation experience. Each yacht features an elegant interior design, including spacious cabins with private bathrooms, luxurious dining and sitting areas, as well as places to relax under the sun.

Professional and Dedicated Crew: The yacht crew is carefully selected to provide the highest levels of service and hospitality. You will have the opportunity to enjoy personalized service from the crew consisting of a professional captain, a chef presenting the finest seafood and international cuisine, and trained staff to meet all your needs.

Diverse Maritime Experiences: We offer a variety of cruise trips, whether short ones exploring quiet bays and scenic beaches, or longer journeys to remote islands and enjoying diving in Turkey's clear waters. Each trip can be customized according to your desires to provide a unique and special experience.

Privacy and Exclusivity: We guarantee complete privacy and an exclusive experience, where you can relax and enjoy your trip away from prying eyes and the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Choose FGI TRAVEL to book your luxury tourist yacht in Turkey and prepare for an unforgettable navigation experience that combines natural beauty, absolute luxury, and the highest levels of service.