Shile has been a favorite destination for relaxation and leisure throughout the ages, having been a preferred destination for Ottoman sultans and princes thanks to its enchanting beauty and magnificent natural landscape. Şile is distinguished by its high mountains and breathtaking sea views, making it one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey.

Where is the Şile Area Located?

Şile is a charming coastal district on the Asian side of Istanbul, overlooking the northern coast of the Black Sea, about 70 kilometers northeast of Istanbul. Şile is characterized by its stunning natural beauty and unique strategic location, combining dense green forests and beautiful sandy shores.

Şile embraces several distinctive tourist areas like Ağlayankaya Beach, one of the best maritime destinations in the region. It also includes picturesque natural areas like the Göksu waterfall and Karanlık Lake.


The Beauty of Nature in Şile:

Şile is renowned for the beauty of its natural areas, possessing a unique vista and striking natural diversity, thanks to its varied terrain and breathtaking landscapes that attract tourists and travelers from all around the world.

Şile hosts dense green forests and deep valleys, hills filled with flowers and wild plants, making it a habitat for a variety of plant and animal life. Visitors can enjoy nature walks, and mountain biking, and not overlook the beauty of the lakes, natural springs, and waterfalls found in the area.

Additionally, Şile is an ideal place for winter sports during the snowy season, attracting skiing enthusiasts, sledding, and other winter activities.

Thanks to its natural beauty and diversity, Şile is the perfect destination for visitors seeking peace and relaxation amidst Istanbul's natural beauty.

The Splendor of Şile's Coastline:

Şile's coast is among the most beautiful in Istanbul, distinguished by its clear blue waters, golden sandy beaches, and breathtaking views that captivate minds and hearts. The coast stretches for about 60 kilometers, interspersed with beautiful spots for swimming and relaxation.

The area offers many tourist facilities and renowned restaurants serving fresh seafood and delicious beverages, making a stay on Şile's coast an unforgettable experience for anyone who visits.

Besides enjoying the sandy beaches and blue waters, visitors can engage in various marine activities such as boating, diving, and fishing, making the coast an ideal place for spending quality time with friends and family and creating lasting memories.


Şile Natural Reserve:

The Şile Natural Reserve was established in the Izmıt Mountain forests to protect the area's biodiversity and natural environment, encompassing dense forests, lakes, and mountain slopes. It's a distinctive destination for nature and environment enthusiasts due to its unique biodiversity, housing a variety of plants and wildlife.

In Şile Natural Reserve, visitors can enjoy a unique and exciting experience amidst enchanting nature, where they can engage in various activities such as hiking, climbing, and mountain biking to explore the beauty of nature and enjoy tranquility and serenity. Birdwatching enthusiasts can also enjoy observing local and migratory birds in their natural habitat.

For those seeking thrill and adventure, they can enjoy boat trips and water sports in local lakes. Additionally, the natural beauty of Şile provides perfect opportunities for nature photography enthusiasts to capture stunning and unique photos.

Şile Natural Reserve is the ideal destination for visitors wanting to escape the city's hustle and bustle and enjoy peace and natural beauty in Turkey.