Diving Tour in Antalya

Tour Program:

  1. The journey begins early in the morning as participants are taken by bus to the port where they will board a boat. They will sail for about half an hour to reach the designated diving spot, known for its variety of beautiful fish and colorful coral reefs.
  2. The diving officer will provide all the necessary information and instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. With full diving gear, you will dive for the first round lasting about 15 minutes at a depth of approximately two meters.
  3. We will take a short break and then dive again to depths ranging between 5 and 7 meters for a similar duration.
  4. After returning to the surface, we will head back to the ship to enjoy a rich lunch featuring delicious local dishes, with an opportunity to relax or swim again for those who wish.
  5. At 4:30 PM, we return to the port, where our tour ends.

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⭐The tour will be with a private VIP Vito

⭐The possibility of modifying the tour program according to your desire

Diving in Antalya:

Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, is a paradise for divers thanks to its excellent location and stunning natural resources. Beaches like Konyaaltı and Lara boast crystal-clear waters and white sands, offering perfect entry points for diving trips.

The coral reefs in Antalya are among the most magnificent features attracting divers from all over the world. These reefs are home to a wonderful biodiversity that includes colorful fish, sea turtles, and various types of marine invertebrates. Diving among these spectacular ecosystems provides visitors with a unique opportunity to interact directly with marine life and witness nature's wonders up close.

In addition to its natural beauty, Antalya also offers a range of advanced facilities for divers, including diving schools that offer training courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced divers. These schools are equipped with the latest equipment and are managed by qualified professionals who ensure the safety of divers and provide an excellent educational and recreational experience.

The combination of stunning marine environments and refined services makes Antalya an ideal destination for diving enthusiasts. Whether you want to explore the serene depths on your own or join a group diving tour, Antalya offers unforgettable underwater experiences that suit all tastes and levels.

Design your trip now with our tourism expert, and get ready for a tour you won't forget... Antalya awaits you!