Paragliding Tour in Antalya

Tour Program:

  1. Initially, we will head to a dedicated paragliding area in Alanya, where instructors will provide us with important information about paragliding, and confirm the weather conditions, wind speed, and all safety standards before starting the activity.
  2. The participant will run and then jump from the top edge of the mountain accompanied by an instructor. (Note: A female instructor can be requested if the participant is a woman).
  3. The duration of the flight and soaring will range from 25 to 30 minutes, depending on wind speed and weather conditions.
  4. The landing will be on the coasts of Alanya city followed by a rest period.
  5. Return to the place of accommodation.


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⭐The tour will be with a private VIP Vito

⭐The possibility of modifying the tour program according to your desire

Paragliding in Antalya:

Paragliding in Antalya is an unforgettable adventure that adds an exciting dimension to the beauty of this enchanting Turkish city. Known as one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya combines towering mountains, soft sandy beaches, and clear turquoise waters. These natural features make Antalya the perfect place for paragliding, where participants can soar through the sky and view these natural landmarks from a unique and thrilling perspective.

Paragliding in Antalya also allows adventurers to experience the freedom of flight and the thrill of adrenaline, a memorable experience that attracts many to repeat it. Antalya embraces this activity not only because of its stunning views but also thanks to its attractive natural environment and the continual invitation to explore and adventure in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Paragliding in Antalya is not just a breathtaking adventure; it is an opportunity to experience freedom and excitement, and the challenge provided by free flying, making it a preferred choice for visitors looking for new and exciting experiences while in Turkey.


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