The Combo Tour in Antalya

Tour Program:

  1. The tour starts early in the morning when you are transported to the Manavgat area, which is renowned for its scenic mountains and natural resources.
  2. Kayaking Activity: This takes place on a clear and cool river in the area, where you can enjoy a pleasant kayaking tour lasting up to two and a half hours over a distance of 14 kilometers, with short breaks during the trip.
  3. Jeep Safari: You will move to a jeep safari adventure using four-wheel-drive vehicles suitable for mountainous terrains; this tour lasts about forty-five minutes.
  4. Zip-lining: Involves jumping from heights ranging from 300 to 100 meters, with an experience of sliding across a suspended rope.
  5. Driving Buggy or Quad Bikes: You can drive these sports vehicles yourself for a duration of up to forty-five minutes.
  6. After completing the activities, we will proceed to have a rich lunch meal.


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⭐The tour will be with a private VIP Vito

⭐The possibility of modifying the tour program according to your desire


The Combo Tour in Antalya:

The Combo Tour in Antalya offers a unique tourist experience that combines adventure and exploration in the heart of the stunning nature of this charming city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This tour is specifically designed to provide a mix of activities that cater to both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike, allowing participants to experience the authentic beauty and excitement that Antalya offers in a comprehensive and enjoyable way.

At the heart of the Combo Tour, visitors explore the diverse terrain of mountains, rivers, and forests, enhancing the experience of excitement and enjoyment. This is achieved through a series of well-thought-out activities aimed at enhancing interaction with the natural environment in a responsible and respectful manner.

What distinguishes the Combo Tour in Antalya is the combination of breathtaking natural scenery and the exciting outdoor activities it offers, making it an ideal destination for those looking for thrill and relaxation at the same time. The tour is designed to provide a comprehensive and environmentally harmonious experience, making it an unforgettable moment in the life of anyone who chooses to embark on this unique adventure.


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