Bursa and Uludağ Mountains Tour

Tour Program:

  1. Visit the Turkish Delight Exhibition: Bursa is famous for its Turkish delight factories, also known as the Sultans' sweets in the past.
  2. Visit to the Green Mosque.
  3. Visit the mausoleum of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I.
  4. Visit the old Ottoman bath: Previously used by the Ottoman sultans, it is now a small bazaar selling various types of gifts and natural silk.
  5. Bursa cable car: The ride from the city center to the summit of Mount Uludağ takes about half an hour, during which you can enjoy the views of the forests of Mount Uludağ and the panoramic view of the entire city of Bursa.
  6. Enjoying the most delicious types of Turkish barbecues in a restaurant with a wonderful view of Mount Uludağ and the cable car.
  7. Ascend to the top of the mountain where the snow and the open cable car are located, and where various snow activities are available (such as skiing and jet skiing or snowmobile safari).
  8. Visit the honey and Turkish jam exhibitions.
  9. Visit to the ancient (giant) tree.
  10. Visit one of Bursa's shopping centers known for competitive prices and high quality (depending on available time).
  11. Return to Istanbul by ferry and drop off at the hotels.

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Bursa City:

Bursa is located in the northwest of Turkey, between the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, the capital. It is the fourth-largest Turkish city in terms of population, with a population of approximately 2.5 million people.

Bursa was the official capital of the Ottoman State between the years 1326 and 1365 and is known as "Green Bursa" due to its green nature, surrounded by diverse forests, public gardens, and many parks, making it one of the rare cities in the world that enjoys breathtaking beauty, technology, and industry at the same time.

It also contains many important tourist places that enable tourists to engage in various recreational, therapeutic, relaxing activities, and much more.

From these places are the following:

  • Mount Uludağ (ÜLÜDAĞ): It reaches an elevation of 2543m and is the highest peak in the Marmara region. It is visited by tourists to enjoy skiing on the snow that covers it in the winter and hosts many global Olympic skiing competitions. This mountain features the Bursa cable car; it is the longest cable car in the world, extending for nine kilometers across Mount Uludağ.
  • The Green Mosque (Yeşil Cami): The Green Mosque forms a wonderful combination of architectural art and decorative art. It was commissioned by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I in 1420. When the mosque was damaged by an earthquake in 1855, the Ottomans fully renovated it.
  • The Silk Market (Koza Han): Bursa holds the first place in Turkey in silk production as it is known for breeding silkworms which produce silk. Koza Han market is considered the most valuable pearl for the silk industry.
  • The Historical Tree (Çınar ağac): This is a huge tree and is considered the oldest tree in Bursa; it is approximately 610 years old, about 37m tall, and its trunk has a diameter of about ten meters. There is a beautiful café under the tree with a wonderful view of the city, and nearby are some shops selling tickets and souvenirs.
  • The Grand Mosque (Ulu Çami): Built by Sultan Bayezid I after his victory in the Battle of Nicopolis against the Crusaders from the spoils of war, it is the largest mosque in Bursa. This large mosque features twenty domes arranged in four rows. As for the story of its construction, it goes as follows: when Sultan Bayezid vowed to build twenty mosques if he won the Battle of Nicopolis; one of the scholars issued a fatwa allowing him to build a large mosque that carries twenty domes on top, each symbolizing a small mosque.

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