Green Cappadocia Tour

Tour Program:

  1. We start our tour with a visit to Goreme Panorama, a captivating viewpoint that offers panoramic views of the area, making it an ideal place for taking photographs and enjoying the view of the fairy chimneys and unique natural rock formations.
  2. Visit an underground city: Cappadocia is famous for its extensive network of underground cities, which were used as shelters by the local population during invasions in ancient times. These reflect the architectural ingenuity and creativity in utilizing underground spaces.
  3. Hiking in Ihlara Valley, which extends to a depth of about 100 meters. The valley is characterized by its stunning natural scenery, rich with dense and tall trees, and it also includes beautiful historical ruins.
  4. Head to Belisirma Village, a small village that offers a glimpse into traditional life in Cappadocia. Enjoy the quiet village atmosphere and discover ancient churches and houses carved into the rock.
  5. Visit Selime Monastery, a historical landmark featuring a beautifully carved rock monastery dating back to the Middle Ages.
  6. Visit Pigeon Valley or Dove Valley, known for its abundance of caves and rock crevices that were used in the past for pigeon breeding. The valley offers breathtaking and enchanting natural views.
  7. We will conclude our day with a visit to the gemstone workshops. These workshops are a fantastic place to watch artisans as they transform raw stones into beautiful artistic pieces, and they offer the opportunity to purchase unique souvenirs.
  8. Return to the place of stay.

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Cappadocia, located in the heart of Anatolia in Turkey, is one of the most enchanting tourist destinations in the world, thanks to its captivating charm and unique allure. This region is distinguished by its stunning rock formations and fairy chimneys that have been shaped over millions of years through geological and natural processes, where wind and water have sculpted the rocks in ways that seem beyond imagination.

Cappadocia boasts a rich history that dates back to ancient times, having been a stage for many civilizations that have left their mark on the land and in caves that have now been transformed into museums and archaeological sites. The area also served as a refuge for early Christians who carved entire cities underground as shelters from invasions and persecutions.

The natural landscapes in Cappadocia are breathtaking, where the warm colors of the rocks blend with the sky and local vegetation to create stunning visual scenes that capture the heart and inspire the mind. The climate in the area is ideal for hot air balloon rides, which offer spectacular views of these amazing terrains from above, an experience that every visitor to Cappadocia should not miss.

In addition to nature and history, Cappadocia is rich in handicrafts and traditional arts, allowing visitors the opportunity to purchase unique souvenirs such as handmade carpets and pottery and to taste local dishes that reflect the diversity and richness of Turkish culture. With its unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and deep history, Cappadocia remains a tourist destination that is well worth exploring.

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