Oludeniz Beach Tour in Fethiye

Tour Program:

  1. Head to Oludeniz Beach from your place of stay.
  2. You can enjoy hours of free swimming in the calm and clear waters of the marine lake embraced by Oludeniz Beach or relax under the warm sun on the white sandy beach, indulging in the breathtaking natural scenery.
  3. Participate in the various water sports available on the beach, including boat rides that allow you to explore the lake and the nearby islands.
  4. Try paragliding or hang gliding, launching from the summit of Babadag Mountain to soar over the beach and the surrounding mountainous landscapes.
  5. Go on a hiking trip to the top of Babadag Mountain, walking along the hiking trails and enjoying the panoramic views of the area.
  6. Return to your place of stay.

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⭐The tour will be with a private VIP Vito

⭐The possibility of modifying the tour program according to your desire


Oludeniz Beach:

Oludeniz Beach, deriving its name from the Turkish words "Ölüm" (death) and "Deniz" (sea), is famously known as the "Dead Sea" due to its tranquil waters. This name was chosen to reflect the deep stillness and clarity of the waters that characterize this beach, located in Fethiye within the Muğla province in southwestern Turkey.

Oludeniz mesmerizes visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty and enchanting views of the lush green mountains surrounding the pristine blue coastline, making it a unique destination for tourists from all around the world. Nestled in the heart of the village of Oludeniz and close to its residences, the beach boasts white sandy shores and crystal-clear turquoise waters that sparkle under the sunlight, offering unforgettable scenic views.

During the summer months, Oludeniz particularly sees a surge in popularity as tourists flock to enjoy the natural beauty and relax by the sea. The area offers a wide range of recreational activities such as paragliding, where adventurers can take off from the nearby mountain peaks and soar over the sea, enjoying spectacular views of the bay and surrounding landscapes.

Thanks to its unique combination of natural beauty, leisure activities, and tranquility, Oludeniz Beach remains a stunning destination for anyone who visits, establishing it as a symbol of beauty in Turkey and one of the most prominent beaches in the region.