Bosphorus Night with a Private Yacht

Tour Program:

  1. The Bosphorus Night showcases a variety of artistic performances that include multiple arts covering both auditory and visual arts, including theater performances, circus shows, light and sound shows, in addition to enchanting folk dances.
  2. The Bosphorus night also includes an open buffet offering a wide selection of delicious foods where visitors can taste delicious Turkish dishes and a variety of international foods.
  3. Levantine performance shows: These performances include traditional Levantine dances and Middle Eastern music that captivates hearts and transports visitors to another world, where dancers and performers wear traditional costumes including caftans, shirts, and traditional Levantine decorations.
  4. Return to the hotel.


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⭐The tour will be with a private VIP Vito

⭐The possibility of modifying the tour program according to your desire


The Bosphorus:

The Bosphorus, the enchanting strait that separates the continents of Asia and Europe, is among the most prominent natural landmarks in Istanbul, Turkey. Spanning approximately 30 kilometers, the Bosphorus connects the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea and forms a vital part of the waterways that enhance Istanbul's strategic and commercial significance.

The Bosphorus is distinguished by its breathtaking views that blend the beauty of nature with the richness of history, where ancient Ottoman palaces, luxurious villas, lush gardens, and mosques with unique architectural designs line its shores. The Bosphorus serves as a crucial site for numerous tourist activities, such as boat tours offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of Istanbul from a different perspective, with enchanting views of both historical and modern landmarks.

Bosphorus nights, especially those held on private yachts, provide an unforgettable experience for visitors, where they can enjoy a variety of performances and savor delicious Turkish and international dishes amidst the magical ambiance adorned by the city's night lights. The Bosphorus is also an ideal place for photographers and nature lovers, who seek to capture the most magnificent moments and breathtaking natural scenery.


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