Istanbul, Bebek Coast, and Venezia Mall Tour

Tour Program:

  1. Departing in the morning towards the famous Bebek coast in the Maslak area, which is known for being a residential area for the wealthy due to its view of the Bosphorus, where there are upscale cafes and restaurants.
  2. Heading to the Upside Down House to take souvenir photos in the house where everything is actually upside down.
  3. Proceeding to Venezia Mall, famous for its resemblance to the Italian city of Venice, where you can shop.
  4. Visiting Istanbul Valley Mall located in a very upscale area.
  5. Returning to the hotel.

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⭐The possibility of modifying the tour program according to your desire


Istanbul City:

The enchanting city of Istanbul spans the Asian and European continents and is considered among the most beautiful cities in the world. Istanbul showcases a rich history and deep-rooted culture, where Byzantine and Ottoman architectures converge to create an unforgettable scene. With its breathtaking views of the Bosphorus Strait and bustling markets like the Grand Bazaar, this city offers an exceptional experience for its visitors. From magnificent mosques like Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque to delicious dishes, vibrant street life, and the natural beauty of hills, seas, and forests, Istanbul is a must-visit destination for all travel lovers.

Exploring the streets of Istanbul reveals the mesmerizing beauty of historical landmarks such as Topkapi Palace, the residence of the Ottoman sultans, and Dolmabahçe Palace with its magnificent designs and luxurious decorations. The bridges crossing the Bosphorus, like the Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror Bridge, offer stunning views, especially at sunset, making Istanbul an indispensable destination for all travel enthusiasts.

Bebek Coast:

Bebek coast is one of the most famous and beautiful places in Istanbul, Turkey. Located on the European side of the city, along the Bosphorus Strait, it features picturesque views and a calm, romantic atmosphere. Bebek is a destination for locals and tourists alike, thanks to its high-end cafes and restaurants offering a variety of Turkish and international dishes with stunning Bosphorus views.

The area is also known for its architectural beauty, housing elegant villas and historical Ottoman houses that add to its charming atmosphere. Bebek is not only a destination for food and drink enthusiasts but also a wonderful place for walking and enjoying the coastal vibes, especially along its coastal promenade that offers great views of Ottoman palaces and bridges connecting the Bosphorus shores.

For those looking for entertainment, Bebek offers several parks and green spaces, the most famous being Bebek Park, where visitors can relax, enjoy the scenic nature, and play with children. Additionally, the area is known for its small markets and shops selling souvenirs, clothing, and luxury jewelry, making it an ideal place for shopping and strolling.

With its natural beauty, cultural richness, and social diversity, the Bebek coast is an oasis for those seeking peace and relaxation in the vibrant heart of Istanbul.

Venezia Mall:

Venezia Mall in Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the most prominent shopping centers offering a unique experience to its visitors. It is not just a place for shopping but a tourist destination in its own right. The mall features a unique design that mimics the Italian city of Venice, providing visitors with the feeling of traveling through time and space to the heart of Italy without leaving Istanbul.

A highlight of Venezia Mall is the water canals similar to those in Venice, where visitors can enjoy romantic gondola rides under its arched bridges and beside its colorful buildings, adding a sense of authenticity and romance to the experience.

The mall houses a wide range of stores offering both luxury and local brands, including clothing, accessories, electronics, and more, making it the perfect destination for shoppers. Venezia Mall also offers multiple entertainment options, including cinemas, children's play areas, and cultural and artistic events throughout the year.

For food enthusiasts, Venezia Mall features a variety of restaurants and cafes, allowing the tasting of delicious international and local dishes in an atmosphere reflecting the beauty and charm of Italian Venice.

Visiting Venezia Mall in Istanbul provides a comprehensive experience that combines pleasure, entertainment, and shopping in an environment rich with artistic architecture and stunning beauty, making it an indispensable destination for anyone visiting the city.

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