Şile and Ağva Tour

Tour Program:

  1. Have breakfast at the hotel, and then around 10 AM, depart towards the city of Şile, located on the Black Sea coast, passing through the Bosphorus Bridge that connects both sides of Istanbul.
  2. On the way, pass by the Hidden Lake, which is known for its wonderful seating areas, and breakfast can also be enjoyed here for those who wish.
  3. Then, continue to the village of Ağva, where boats are available in the hidden river for a more than wonderful boat tour.
  4. Have lunch on the banks of the hidden river.
  5. Return to the city of Şile, where the lighthouse is located in an area overlooking the sea with wonderful views.
  6. Head to the beach and take time for swimming and sunbathing.
  7. Return towards the hotel.


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⭐The tour will be with a private VIP Vito

⭐The possibility of modifying the tour program according to your desire

Ağva Village:

Ağva, a hidden gem nestled between two evergreen banks in the north of Istanbul, is one of the most enchanting natural destinations. This small village is uniquely located on the Ağva River, which originates from dense forests and flows into the Black Sea, providing it with stunning landscapes and a magical atmosphere.

Ağva is known for its crystal-clear fresh waters, surrounding forests, and picturesque rivers, making it an ideal spot for strolling and relaxing. Visitors can enjoy small boat tours along the river, explore the rich nature and surrounding wildlife, or walk through the enchanting forest paths to discover the hidden natural beauty of the area.

In addition to its natural beauty, Ağva offers a variety of restaurants and cafes directly overlooking the river, where visitors can enjoy tasting traditional Turkish dishes and fresh seafood in a quiet and romantic setting. The village also provides accommodation opportunities in charming wooden houses or small hotels offering magnificent views of the river and surrounding nature.

Şile Town:

Şile, a coastal town on the Black Sea shores of Istanbul, Turkey, enjoys natural beauty with sandy beaches and dense forests. It's a suitable destination for those looking for peace away from the city's bustle, offering amazing opportunities to connect with and discover nature.

Famous for its clean beaches and clear waters, it's perfect for swimming and water activities. The central beach, with its wooden promenade and sea-view seating, is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset. Şile is rich in historical sites like the Ottoman Şile Castle and several historical tombs and mosques, adding a cultural dimension. It also offers nature walks revealing stunning landscapes and untouched sites.

Moreover, traditional restaurants known for seafood and markets and shops selling local products and souvenirs are present. Şile, with its breathtaking nature and rich culture, offers an unforgettable experience and stands as one of Istanbul's most beautiful tourist destinations.


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