Sumela Monastery and Hemşin Koyu Tour

Tour Program:

  1. Visiting Karaca Cave in Hemşin Koyu, the cave is characterized by its unique geological formations and limestone rocks that create stunning natural landscapes inside the cave, making it an ideal site for adventurers and geology enthusiasts.
  2. Heading to the Zikana Heights where visitors can enjoy the wonderful panoramic views, fresh air, and tranquil atmosphere.
  3. Visiting the Glass Viewpoint offers a unique experience for visitors thanks to its amazing view over the wide green valley and surrounding mountains through a glass platform that allows for a 360-degree view.
  4. Visiting Hemşin Koyu, a traditional mountain village known for its calm atmosphere and scenic views, located on the slopes of the Black Sea mountains is a popular destination for visitors seeking to experience Turkish rural life and taste delicious local foods.
  5. Finally, we will head to the Sumela Monastery, one of the most important historical and religious landmarks in the area. This hanging monastery is located on a rocky cliff, where we will see in our tour how it is distinguished by its complex architecture and rock walls that have been carved and shaped in a way that amazes.
  6. Return to the hotel.


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Hemşin Koyu:

Hemşin Koyu, nestled in the arms of Turkey's Black Sea mountains, is a charming village that reflects the breathtaking beauty of nature and tranquil rural life. It is characterized by its stunning natural landscapes, dense forests, green meadows, and clear streams running through it, making it the ultimate destination for nature lovers and those seeking relaxation and an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Hemşin Koyu is known for its deep-rooted traditions and warm hospitality, where local residents welcome visitors with a smile and share the joy of living in this enchanting place. The village is ideal for hiking enthusiasts, camping, and photography that showcases its unique natural beauty. In addition to its natural beauty, Hemşin Koyu offers visitors the opportunity to taste delicious local foods that reflect the richness of Turkish cuisine with distinctive local touches. Honey, cheese, and dishes prepared from fresh produce harvested from its lands are experiences not to be missed.

Visiting Hemşin Koyu provides a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty and life, even for a short while, a simple lifestyle amidst enchanting nature, making it the perfect destination for those looking for renewal and relaxation in the arms of nature.

Sumela Monastery:

Sumela Monastery, a prominent historical landmark that touches the sky, stands majestically on the heights of a rocky cliff in the Maçka area of Trabzon, northeastern Turkey. Founded in the 4th century AD by two monks and dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it has become over time one of the most important religious and cultural centers in the region.

Sumela Monastery is distinguished by its stunning architecture that demonstrates human creativity in overcoming difficult terrain, skillfully built on the sides of the rocky cliff, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding valley. The monastery is adorned with ancient Byzantine murals covering the interior and exterior walls, reflecting the artistic and spiritual richness of this place.


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